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"B. KATSAROS  Joint Stock Co".                   PLANNING, CONSULTING   &

The company's Profile.

V. Katsaros J.s co. is a building construction company run by the executives since 1976, established in 1991. The company has been involved in many sorts of construction development including private detached houses, residential apartments, publicly owned building, public work of large scale Hospitals, Hotels, Factory spaces and sanitary water systems.
The company's head office is located at the city of Volos in Greece whilst its activities have extended the beyond the prefecture of Magnesia as well as National borders.
The Company consist of the following four main partners:
Vassilios    Katsaros    Civil Engineer   & Construction Licensed-level D1.(Polytechnic of Greece) Athanasios Katsaros            Architect          & Construction licensed-level C.(Polytechnic of Italy) George       Katsaros   Architect          & Construction licensed-level B. (Polytechnic of Italy) Joanna      Katsarou    Civil Engineer       (Bachelor & MSC in University of East London U.K ).
In addition, the Company as a whole is awarded a construction license of level E.
This level of scientific suitability in association with the significant number of external collaborators has established the company as an important local undertaker of construction projects.
More specifically, the Company specialized in the following area:

  • Development of the master plan and construction of private and public work such as roads, squares, gardens, etc.
  • Development of plans and construction of technical and engineering works.
  • Technique - economic studies.
  • Feasibility studies of the project.
  • Supervision of contracts, construction activities, supplies and accounts.
  • Programming and coordination of work development.
  • Market research on the regional planning for construction projects.
  • Assistance in the issuance of construction licenses for private and public work.
  • Internal and external reshaping, restyling, renovation and modernization of old and new buildings.
  • Experience in marble market investigation worldwide, assistant in transporting it and installing marble units.
  • Building quality control.
  • Building auction evaluation
  • The company has been involved in the construction of Industrial Spaces, Administration buildings, Special case buildings and Tourist and Residential complexes. Some of  the most important among them are the following:
  • Design and construction of Public Health Center a building of 8500 m2, financed by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Design and construction of residential block of flats a)1200 m2  b)1500m2  c)1500m2, with company's budget.
  • Design and construction of settlement, specifically traditional villas, in a suburb of Volos-Ali Meria , with company's budget.
  • Restoration projects of old hotels "Pallas" -"Aigli" covering area 5200 m2, financed by "Immobilen co." based in Vienna Austria.
  • Design and construction of hotel "Seagull" and "Elitis" covering a total area
  • 5300 m2.  Privately finance
  • Design and construction of Aqueduct financed by the Greek Ministry of Urban Planning.
  • Setting up the construction site for the factory unit Elsi (Greek chromium iron) in collaboration with Finland Company and financed by the Greek Ministry of Industry.
  • Design and construction of an Industrial Space "Carton box" covering a total area of 2000 m2, private financed.
  • Setting up the construction site for the construction of the headquarters of

     "Osman Mogari & co." Tripoli Libya, project financed by the government.

  • Construction, as a subcontractor of "Eviesk co" of additional cement storage space for the cement co. "Aget Iraklis" in Volos.
  • Evaluation and setting up of the construction sites, storage space, draining network and ground works of military installations.
  • Architectural and structural designs of Monastery "Saint Serafim" in mountain village Portaria of 4000 m2
  • Design and construction of settlement, specifically traditional villas, in a suburb of Volos-Ali Meria , with company's budget.
  • Under construction project are three block of flats up to 2500 m2 in Agria area placed by the sea.

 In addition to the works described above, the company has designed and constructed  since 1976 more than 150 private houses and small apartments complexes financed by clients, which have established the company's ability to deal with a diversified set of the construction problems and requirements.